This is the time of the year when people enjoy grilling steaks, chicken, salmon, and hot dogs. I thought of my raw tomatillo and avocado dip with chia from my book Cooking with Ancient Grains (published by Adams Media) would with perfect choice for your grilling meats, and fish. This sauce serves dual purpose, it can be used as a sauce on top of the meats or as a dip with you favorite dipper.

Reyna, a lovely, young Mexican woman who works for me in the kitchen, shared this recipe, which she learned from her mother. It is a staple in their home. In this dish, the tomatillos are not cooked, just blended to a coarse purée and then mixed with other raw ingredients, making this an ideal dish for people who wish to add more raw foods to their diets. This dip is a great source of vitamin C, and potassium. Click here for the recipe.